Document Required for Trademark Registration

Prop./Partner/Director Documents

PAN Card

Aadhaar Card

Prop./Partner/Director Details

Mobile Number

Email ID

Entity Details

Certificate of Incorporation/ Partnership Deed/ Other Incorporation proof

PAN Card

GST registration Certificate

Brand Name details

Brand Name

Image of Logo in JPG Format

Description of goods

Process for Trademark Registration

There are following steps involved in Trademark Registration:-


Step. 1    Complete our registration form:

fill our easy TM registration form and submit documents for formation of TM.

Step. 2    Selection of class:

Based on your business and purpose of Trademark, our consultants will suggest an appropriate class under which your trademark shall be registered

Step. 3    Trademark search:

To be confident that the name you are proposing is capable of getting a permanent registration, our consultant will search the name following Finhence trademark search protocol and will give you probability of registration of trademark.

Step. 4    Trademark application filing:

Our team will create all the documents required for application and will process your application. Congratulations, you can start using TM sign on your brand name.

Step. 5    Trademark registration:

This is an automatic step which takes approximately 6 months to an year to get a registered trademark.


1.What is trademark registration?
      ◦ The Trademark Registration is registeration of visual symbols which can be a word, name, device, label, digits, etc.
      ◦ Trademark registration helps to protect logo or brand name.
2.What is a cost of trademark registration?
      ◦ Finhence can help you to do trademark application at Rs. 1499
      ◦ Government fees for an individual is Rs. 4500
      ◦ Government fees for a corporate entity or a partnership firm is Rs. 9000
      ◦ The fees are levied based on ‘Number of Classes Applied’ and not ‘Number of Applications’.
3. What is the validity of trademark registration?
  • Trademark registration is valid for 10 years in India
4. What is trademark class?
      ◦ All goods and services are categorised in 45 classes as per trademark registry
      ◦ Registration in each class is a different trademark application altogether
5. When Can I use TM and R in my brand name?
      ◦ TM- can be used immediately after trademark application is filed
      ◦ R- can be used only after proper trademark registration is complete
6. Do Finhence guarantee approval of my trademark?
      ◦ It is generally dependent on government
      ◦ If your trademark is unique, there are very high chances of getting it
7. What is the benefit of having a MSME registration or Startup registration?
  • Partnership firm, body corporates (other than an individual) with MSME or Start-up registration can avail 50% rebate on the Government fee
8. Should I register trademark / brand in my personal name or Company’s name?
      ◦ Few startups register their Trademark under their personal name, whereas large and settled business register under their company’s name
      ◦ In case, you choose to change the type of organisation i.e. may be from a partnership firm to a private limited company, you may have to incur Trademark transfer charges
10. What is a process from TM symbol to R symbol?
      ◦ Trademark application in the right class, with all the correct details.
      ◦ Send it to Vienna Codification –Vienna codification is done by the Registry so that the trademark searches can be conducted for artworks/logos.
      ◦ Formalities Check –Trademark Registry usually checks if the basic requirements are met.
      ◦ An issue of Examination Report from the Ministry – On verification of basic details, the registry examines the application under various sections to see if the Trademark applied for requires any clarification under any of the Legal sections of the Act. When they feel that any information is required, then they would issue an examination report with the relevant section to which a reply MUST be filed.
      ◦ Exam Report Issued / Accepted – After acceptance of the Trademark application or submission Examination Reply if the registry is satisfied then they will proceed for the Trademark name or symbol or both to be published in the Trademark Journal.
      ◦ “Advertised before acc” or “Advertised” or “Accepted & Advertised” – At this stage, the trademarked name or logo or both are advertised in the Trademark Journal. These are kept open for Objection for 4 months for any third party to oppose the published Trademark. When any such objections are received, the status would change to Opposed – to which a proper reply should be filed.
      ◦ Registration– If there are no other objections, clarifications, or oppositions, the trademark application would be accepted and marked as ‘Registered’. This is when the Trademark applicant can start using the ® symbol.
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